The Source

Named "St Alice's Well" after Alice Douglas, the spirited daughter of British Columbia governor James Douglas, the springs were first discovered by 3 miners returning by canoe from the Cariboo gold fields in 1858. They discovered what the local first nations people had known for years, and had named "Waum Chuck". The spring was believed to be a place of supernatual origin and of great benefit to those who drank the water.

The surrounding 40 acres of land was purchased by Joseph Armstrong in the spring of 1873 where he made plans to construct a grand health spa. Armstrong succeeded in separating the 145 degree Fahrenheit hot spring's water from the cold lake water, a feat engineers of the day said was impossible. In 1886 he completed the St. Alice Hotel near what now is the current site of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa's Tennis Courts.

On this site was a bathhouse, which could accommodate up to 50 guests at a time. It was destroyed by fire in 1905, and was never rebuilt.

From this location, the spring water is pumped to the resort and feeds 6 therapeutic pools for the enjoyment of it's guests, as well as the public pool located in the centre of the village.