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Goodbye Old System
It's kind of sad to see the logged in section of my site as it was go away. I had spent thousands of hours in the creation and maintenance of it.

As I will no longer be doing the directory, the people in charge do not feel comfortable in their ability to monitor people abusing the system. I don't blame them either, as there have been many times I've thought of taking it down before this due to the carelessness of a few individuals.

To those who used it correctly, I hope it helped.

As for the pictures section, that is sticking around and I still plan to add to it. I also have some game concepts I'd like to try to create, though I have my doubts if I'll actually find time to finish one of them.

Wishing you all the best!
March 24, 2009
Tons of Pictures From 2008
Deborah's Birthday Party
Laural & Aaron's Wedding Reception
A trip to the Seattle Temple
Vancouver Symphony in the Park
Branch BBQ
Institute Welcome Week Corn Maze
Joy's Birthday Party
Amelia & Edmund's Wedding Reception
Cami's Birthday Party
Bishop's Storehouse Service Project
Bishop's Ball
New Years Dance
January 3, 2009
Happy New Year
Lets start the new year with a bang. I've got the branch Christmas party complete with moving pictures. Just like in Harry Potter!
January 2, 2009